About Us

About Us | There is no service like ours existing in the world. We are unique in our product and approach to spare next of kin of our customers a painful memory. 

Our team of experts help you to install and prepare all your digital data in order to be removed from the internet once the time is there…

Family gatherings like these are fun and it should stay that way even after you’ve passed away. Let there be no doubt, there will be someone or perhaps even a few people busy for months or sometimes even years to get your subscriptions removed which you’ve left behind.

No more smiling faces…

My Digital Heritage makes that task nice and easy with a pre installed solution on your system. From that moment on you don’t need to worry anymore who will arrange these painful tasks. 

About Us

Many of our client said like "I don't need this" but after reconsidering the cost versus the hassle free service, most of them signed up. After serious consideration and installation of our product, people say "What a relief".

Read more about us and all kind of reasons why you should consider signing up with us.

 In the links below you will find important blog articles from banks and tech experts around the world. 

Our Vision
To show people the need to pre-arrange their digital footprint!
Our Vision

Many of us are online weekly or even daily. During our online presence we do not realise how much of a footprint we leave behind. 1. because initially we do not care and 2. because we just don’t know what exactly is happening in the systems we use. We don’t realise what kind of a headache we leave behind if we do not take of this issue before we pass away. Don’t leave it for you kids to solve…

Our Mission
We like to help as many clients with this problem as possible
Our Mission

To succeed in this mission we grow our team constantly in order to deal with all requests. Sometimes it takes a while before we can fulfill your order but we do our utmost best to help every client within a week from order date. If you choose for the full service plan, there is nothing to worry about. All will be implemented ready to use…

If you have any questions about us and the service on this page, please feel free to email us here.

All our services we provide according to the GDPR privacy rules.

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