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A very pleasant feeling that my relatives can remove my digital logins from the internet!
This prevents publication of personal messages such as 'happy birthday' after I have passe away.
A death is tragic enough on in itself.
So better pre-arrange...
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Make sure your data and content is safely removed for just €9,99

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In today’s digitally driven world, our online presence has become as significant as our physical existence. is dedicated to helping you preserve your digital legacy, ensuring that your online footprint is maintained, protected, and passed on to future generations with the care it deserves.

Why Preparing Your Digital Legacy is Crucial | Home

  1. Continuity of Your Digital Existence: Our digital lives encompass a vast array of memories, achievements, and interactions. Preparing your digital legacy means ensuring that these invaluable digital memories are not lost in the ether of the internet but are preserved for your loved ones.

  2. Ease for Your Family and Friends: In the event of an unexpected passing, managing digital assets can be a complex task for family members. By preparing your digital legacy, you relieve them of this burden, providing clear guidance and access to your digital assets.

  3. Protecting Your Online Identity: Your digital legacy includes social media profiles, emails, and online accounts. Securing these prevents identity theft and misuse, safeguarding your online identity even after you’re gone.

  4. Archiving Your Life’s Work: Whether it’s your creative work, professional achievements, or personal milestones, your digital legacy is a testament to your life’s journey. It deserves to be archived and celebrated.

How Helps

  • Tailored Digital Legacy Planning: Our platform offers personalized tools to help you organize and plan your digital afterlife, ensuring that your digital assets are managed according to your wishes.

  • Secure Digital Vault: Store your digital assets in our secure vault, with the peace of mind that your data is protected with the highest security standards.

  • Easy to Assign Digital Executors: Designate trusted individuals to manage your digital legacy, ensuring that your digital assets are handled responsibly.

  • Guidance and Support: Our team of experts provides guidance and support, helping you navigate the complexities of digital legacy planning.

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“We do have a last will but never thought for a second about our digital footprint. Then we met you guys 🙂 thank’s so much for providing such a great service!.”

Marie and ben

“At first I though, who cares! But then I start thinking about my kids and how awful it must be to be remembered online about my death. Thanks for opening my eyes”


“Hello my name is Kees and I had no idea what to do with this. How to tackle that in an organized way. You have a fantastic service. Thank you very much”


“I’m very happy with your service. It is a great relief to know I do not have to worry about this anymore. My social media will not be visual anymore after I pass away. Thank guys great job!”

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